Party Buffet


Chicken Sticks with hoisin and sesame* (gf)

Pizza selection* (kids favourite!)

Chicken goujons with smokey ketchup  (kids favourite!)

Honey, soy and chilli chipolata sausages* (gf)

Prosciutto, whipped feta and chilli jam crostini

Pork, Fennel and sweet chilli sausage rolls

Pork and pickle sausage rolls

Roast beef bruchetta with horseradish cream

Potato scones with mascarpone and crispy bacon

Smoked Salmon bruchetta with dill, mustard and crème fraiche

Charcuterie Board & Cheeseboard with fruits and crackers (v)

Caramelised onion and cheddar tarts

 Creamy field mushrooms tarts (v)

Heirloom tomato croutes with balsamic (v/ve)

Sweet potato pakora with mango jam (gf/v/ve)

Onion bharji wraps with raita (gf/ve)

Crispy falafel with hummus (gf/ve)



Casual Fork Menu

Main Cold Selection

*Roast chicken satay with cucumber, coriander and mint (gf)

Coronation chicken bowl with toasted almonds and pomegranate* (gf)

Rare roast beef platter (gf)

Charcuterie board

Smoked salmon and seafood salad with bloody mary dressing (gf)

Sweet potato pakora on birianyi rice with mango jam (v/ve)

Roasted vegetable platter with pesto dressing (v/ve)

Aubergine with tahini, lemon and seed dressing* (v/ve)

Spiced cauliflower with parsley, hazelnuts and pomegranate (gf,ve)


Freshly Made Tarts

Honey roasted bacon and brie

Salmon, leek and gruyere

 Cornish chedder and caramelised onion (v)

Roasted tomato, mozzarella and pesto*(v)

Wild mushroom, herb and truffle oil (v)


Salad Selection

Trio of tomatoes with olives and balsamic glaze (ve, gf,)

Cheddar and Apple Slaw (gf, v)

Orzo, halloumi and sunblush tomato (v)

Beetroot, honey roast carrots, chickpeas and labneh  (gf,v,)

New Potatoes, broad beans, mint and ricotta dressing (gf,v,)

Charred spring onion, sweet potato, grains  (gf, ve)

Artichocke and almond panzanella* (df, ve)

Peashoots with beans, mange tout and a herb and vinegarette dressing(ve,gf)

Asian noodle salad with and sweet and sour peanut and sesame dressing*(ve,gf)

Spicy Korean Slaw (ve,gf)



Main Hot Selection

Slow roasted beef lasagne

 Beef bourguignon

Spring chicken with herbs, roots and lemon

Truffled mac ‘n’ cheese with mushrooms

Fish pie with chive and brioche crust



Mango and coconut cheesecake (gf)

Berry and fresh cream tart

Chocolate tarts

English Trifle

Chocolate Mousse

Strawberry meringue kisses (gf)

Chocolate Brownies (vv) or (gf)

Chocolate Profiteroles


All of our menus includes local delivery, beautifully presented food,

crockery and cutlery.